About Us

Sidmouth beach

The Hope Street journey began when our family of six slowly awoke to the realisation that the mass of chemicals we bathed and slathered on each day were detrimental to our skin, health and well-being whilst we supported large corporations that did not care for the world and those living in it. 

A desire was born to create a range of skin and body care products that supported community farmers by using organic ingredients which did not pollute our soil and environment. In 2006 we took our family to live in Venezuela for 3 months to live amongst the locals and show our children a different way of life to the Western culture they were part of. Images of farmers farming on the steep slopes of The Andes will stay with us forever. Our aim is to support these farmers, and farmers like them in other countries as much as possible.

With a love of creating, I attended some courses in making natural skincare. The desire grew and the hours spent researching and developing led me to take a Diploma in Natural Skincare. After testing and perfecting my potions on willing friends and family, our first products were sent for full Safety and Laboratory Testing, and Hope Street was born.