Vegan Society

What it means to be registered with the Vegan Society

All our products carry the Vegan Society trademark which is the authentic international vegan standard. This means that all our products pass the following criteria:



The entire developmental and manufacturing process must not involve the use of any animal product, by-product or derivative. By animal, this means the entire Animal Kingdom, that is all vertebrates and all multicellular invertebrates. A lot of skincare ingredients are made from animals even though it is not obvious on the label. eg. glycerine is usually made from animal fat. The Vegan Society trademark ensures that nothing is sneaked passed, even making sure that citrus essential oils are cold pressed from wax-free fruits.


Animal Testing

The development and manufacture of the product, and its ingredients, must not involve, or have involved, testing of any sort on animals conducted at the initiative of the manufacturer or on its behalf, or by parties over whom the manufacturer has effective control.


Genetically Modified Organisms

The development and/or production of genetically modified organisms (GMO) must not have involved animal genes or animal-derived substances. Products put forward for registration which contain or may contain any GMOs must be labelled as such. All our products are GMO free.